Background and History

For the past five years, San Mateo County has been working to update the Local Coastal Program (LCP) for the Midcoast area.


The LCP is an important regulatory document that dictates how the California Coastal Act is implemented locally and it has become the critical document governing land use in the San Mateo County Coastal Zone (generally, lands extending from the shore to a distance five miles inland ). Its purpose is to encourage sound land management and resource protection in the face of growing population pressures on the San Mateo County Coast.


While there have been amendments to the County's LCP over the past 22 years, the policies have not been comprehensively reviewed since their adoption. Prompted by rapidly changing demographics, an escalation of appeals challenging County-issued project permits and the continuing decline of coastal resources, San Mateo County responded to Midcoast citizens' requests and began a review and update of the Midcoast LCP in 2000.


After a number of public hearings, the San Mateo County Planning Commission passed its recommendations on to the Board of Supervisors, which held six hearings to consider the LCP Update.


On December 6 the Board met on the Coast to take action on the recommendations of two members of the Board, Supervisors Gordon and Hill, regarding changes to the LCP.


Many of this Board subcommittee's recommendations, including those contained cited in the Talking Points, do not encourage sound land management or resource protection and will not ensure the livability and sustainability of our coastal communities.









Talking Points

Selling The Coast

Increased Traffic

Democracy Means Participation

Reprinted from Committee for Green Foothills website:

Attend the 3rd Midcoast LCP Update MeetingóJanuary 2006