The latest vision for our community promoted by the Board of Supervisors says they are concerned about protecting coastal resources through a strong plan based on the Coastal Act, yet it is seldom referenced in their vision statement or in the staff report.


Growth Rate

The 2% annual growth rate proposed by the Board of Supervisors is double that adopted by our neighbors in Half Moon Bay or Pacifica.  This rate exempts massive Daly City style affordable housing projects.  Ask the Supervisors to support the Planning Commission and Midcoast Community Council’s recommendation for a 1% growth rate consistent with our neighboring communities.


Housing Development

The Board of Supervisors supports a housing incentives plan that promotes larger, more expensive homes on smaller lots, not the affordable housing promised in the staff report.  These houses will be contrary to the recently adopted design review standards.  They will exceed the floor area ratios adopted as the neighborhood standard for all other new homes.  Ask to have the current Design Review Standards and Floor Area Ratios maintained.



The Board of Supervisors proposes expedited permit procedures that burdens an already overworked system and will result in little or no review for how new projects will fit within the neighborhood.  The Plan by the Board of Supervisors would remove any review for environmental constraints on a parcel.  Ask the Board of Supervisors to promote affordable housing without costing the community its protections.


Highway 1 Expansion

The Board of Supervisors wants to expand Highway 1 to four lanes in the populated areas with no concern for how folks who live here can get to the beach or even on and off the highway.  Widening the highway in the urban area will further congest coastal access because Highways 1 and 92 in the rural areas are limited to (2) lanes by the Coastal Act.  Ask the Board of Supervisors to enact a plan that will fit within the available resources of the coast.


Commercial Development

Siting airport commercial development on prime agricultural land and protected wetlands prior to working on the Airport Master Plan is like putting the answer before the question.  We must have the safest airport possible under the current federal airport safety standards.  Ask the Board of Supervisors to postpone approving development on the airport until after the new safety plan has been approved.


Water and Drainage Management

The Board of Supervisors is promoting an infrastructure vision that disregards data and will have residents subsidize future buildout instead of developers.  Sandbags in many yards are a standard winter scene.  Midcoast roads drain into the creeks and ocean, including the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  Doubling the amount of impervious surfaces (pavement) here will increase creek and beach pollution levels — possibly resulting in even more beach closures or damage to ocean habitat.  The infrastructure plan must be based on the area's carrying capacity — especially for water.  Ask the Board of Supervisors to say yes to the Planning Commission recommendations.


CalTrans Right of Way

The Board of Supervisors wants us to wait 5-7 years to talk with CalTrans regarding the Right of Way.  This open space area with many heavily used trails meandering through it needs protection now. The Right of Way may also supply the Midcoast with badly needed increases in our water supply helping end the Moratorium in Montara and Moss Beach.  Ask the Board of Supervisors to stop delaying and revert the Right of Way to acreage immediately.









Talking Points

Selling The Coast

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Democracy Means Participation

Talking Points

Attend the 3rd Midcoast LCP Update Meeting—January 2006